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Is Bark Dog Collar Training System right for me and my dog(s)? Yes, it is.

You love your dog, but their barking practices are driving you crazy? Bark Dog Collar Training System offers you a practical and completely harmless solution.

The warning tone and minor shock-induced therapy will help train your dog(s) to reduce their barking, especially when you’re located in urban surroundings with compact living spaces. This bark collar is a safe, cost-effective and painless way of solving your dog’s bad barking habits.

The device produces a warning tone on the first bark, cautiously increasing intensity upon the next few barks your dog makes.

We love to hear from you

We love to hear from you

Progressive and Automatic Correction

The warning tone and shock sensation that your dog receive from the Bark Dog Collar serve as warning signals, automatically notifying them about their already-excessive and irritating barking.

Consequently, Bark Dog Collar Training System will enable you a training system that will teach your dog(s) to confine their barking to a minimum. However, you should always be aware of the fact that the goal is not to disable your dog to bark. The main purpose of the Bark Dog Collar Training System is to minimize the annoying sounds they make for every unusual object or movement they encounter in a daily life.

Recovery period, if needed

Don’t worry – the Bark Dog Collar Training System has the processor which automatically reduces correction vibrations as the intensity and frequency of barking declines. If there is no barking/howling for 30 seconds, the device automatically switches to minimum. What’s more, if a dog happens to panic, the Bark Dog Collar Training System provides a recovery period enabling a dog to calm down spontaneously. The processor disables automatically only if the uncontrollable excessive barking last for 15 seconds continuously. The recovery period lasts for 20 seconds.

Our Mission – Completed

If your dog hasn’t barked for a while, the first bark or louder noise won’t induce vibrations. In that manner the Bark Dog Collar Training System prevents generation of unnecessary corrections, offering a considerate no-bark reward. What you achieve by attentive and consistent use of the Bark Dog Collar Training System is a well-behaved dog that is not easily excitable.

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